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WORLD SIGHT DAY 2023, October 12.

Optometrists highlight importance of eye health in the workplace

Good eye-health boosts productivity and earnings

Employers have been encouraged to ensure good eye health in the workplace – and support the well-being and productivity of employees.

The call was made by Optometry Ireland (OI) today to mark World Sight Day 2023, which takes place tomorrow (12/10/23), on the theme of workplace eye health.

OI President Tania Constable encouraged both employers and employees to reflect on where they work, and to take all steps to ensure workplace health.

“Good vision enables us all to work better. No matter where you are or what job you do, it is essential to achieve eye health in the workplace. Workplace accidents are too often caused by or lead to poor vision. Almost 9/10 of workplace eye injuries can be prevented with appropriate safety such as eyewear.

“Prolonged use of digital screens affects employees and can negatively impact productivity. Optometrists’ advice is to follow the 20-20-20 rule: Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.

“A computer screen should be 10 to 12cm below eye level and 50 to 70cm away from the eyes. Adjust brightness (making it similar to surroundings), contrast (e.g. black on a white background), colour temperature and text size. Avoid glare, and try antiglare screens or screen protectors if experiencing discomfort.

“If you’ve been advised to use glasses, make sure you wear them as recommended when in the workplace. Attend routine eye check-ups, and ask your eye care practitioner about workplace adaptations if experiencing any difficulties.”

Ms Constable added that good sight is not only about health, but also benefits workplace productivity and earnings. “Research shows that good vision can improve earning potential. Clear vision has been linked with productivity increased by 22%.”

Optometry Ireland represents 700 Optometrists nationwide.

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  • An opportunity to focus the world’s attention on eye health as a global issue
  • To raise awareness of eye health amongst individuals, families and communities
  • A platform to influence decision makers to prioritise eye health initiatives.